Exploration 3: Techno-speculation

For your final exploration, you will use one or more of the practices Toupin and spideralex call “feminist techno-speculative storytelling, fiction and design” to create your own exploratory response to the ideas about feminism and technology we have been discussing in this unit.

Your task is to imagine a world in which digital technologies operate differently, and to use this imagined difference to explore feminist ideas. Your imagined change may be small (perhaps Google’s algorithm works a little differently) or large (you might invent a new technology, or imagine that computers were never invented at all).

Make sure your speculation answers the following questions:
• What is different about your imagined world?
• How might this different impact the systems of privilege and oppression that feminists analyze? How might it impact embodied experiences of gender, race, sexuality, and/or disability? You may focus on one axis of oppression, but should be aware of intersectionality: none of these identities can exist independently of one another.
• How have our class readings helped you to think about this? Make sure to cite at least one class text in your discussion.

You may use whichever form or medium makes most sense to you, so long as you include both:
• an explanatory written component (at least 800 words)
• a creative component (this could be a piece of imaginative writing, a piece of code, an image, video, or audio file) that demonstrates your ideas. There is no length or size requirement for this component.